About RIC

Our team provides diverse business and management services, which aid our clients, their companies and their businesses!
RIC Services

Recruitment and Staffing Solutions

We do provide innovative recruitment services for managing your permanent and contingent workforce, by implementing:

On-Hire Workforce Solutions: recruitment, selection, and management of temporary staff (self-employed, interim, secondment, etc.) and all related work are managed on an external basis.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: outsource the recruitment of your permanent staff to an external party. We can assist you in finding and retaining the talent that best suits you.

Migration Assistance and Work Permit Assistance: End-to-end recruitment support inclusive of all visas, citizenship, and detention matters:  
  • business, 
  • skilled and employer-sponsored visas 
  • student visas 
  • partner and other family migration including parent and child visas 
  • refugee and humanitarian visas
  • On-Hire Workforce Solutions
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Migration Assistance and Work Permit Assistance
RIC Services

Business Consultancy

Our team provide 3 categories of Business Consultancy: > General Business Consultancy 
We provide business advisory services that help incorporate the right process needed for diversifying or re-engineering your business. 
Business Process Outsourcing and Consulting 
As your business expands, back-office processes and reporting requirements become a burden. We provide a tailor-made approach and support to help you improve your processes and we offer a steady service through a single point of contact. 
> Change and Project Management 
We provide consultancy services aimed at controlling change to transform your businesses. We offer support functions and advisory services to reinforce programme governance and help your business grow.
  • General Business Consultancy
  • Business Process Outsourcing and Consulting
  • Change and Project Management
RIC Services

Marketing Services

Our team provide 3 categories of Marketing Services: 
1. Offline 
2. Online
3. Traning & Education
We offer offline marketing solutions and advisory services for building strategies and digital solutions, by providing: 
  •  Marketing research 
  • Audience analysis 
  • Data analysis 
We also offer digital or online services by providing our clients with website development, web design, web tools and campaign resources that deliver maximum results. We provide: 
  • Intuitive Design 
  • User Experience 
  • Visual Design 
  • Conceptual Design 
  • Content
Besides that, our team also provide marketing and branding training & education to all of our clients, by:
  • Training your personnel on how to market and promote your business correctly
  • Educate your employees and management team on how to use the correct marketing tools to make your business more visible
  • Offline Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Training & Education